Why I’ll never travel without insurance

To say I consider myself lucky would be an understatement and that’s because of an accident I had when travelling. For many years I’d travelled without insurance, I know it’s not the smartest idea but when we’re young we think we’re invincible and also look at insurance as an added cost. I completely understand where people are coming from with these ideas but the reality is that travelling without insurance is basically stupid.

So back to my accident. For about 5 years I’d been travelling without insurance and after seeing a report about an expat who had a bad accident I decided I had to get some, how lucky I was making that decision. It was on that first trip, with my insurance purchased, that I came off my rented motorbike and ended up breaking my arm! That doesn’t sound like a lucky experience but if I didn’t have my insurance the situation would have been a lot worse. I was taken to a hospital, treated by doctors and got all the care I needed – the insurance company covered all the costs. I would have spent thousands of dollars which I didn’t have paying for the hospital costs, so yes I consider myself very lucky indeed.

I’m sure there are still some people out there reading this who think they will never have the need for insurance, so please take my advice and get some as soon as possible. If you need more convincing then here are 3 reasons why it’s an absolute must.

It’s Cheaper Than You Think

As I mentioned above, cost was one of the reasons I ignored insurance for so long and after speaking to fellow travellers they were of the same opinion. Well the good news is that if you do your research it’s actually a lot cheaper than you think. Insurance for backpackers can cost just a few dollars a day, so instead of having a couple of beers choose insurance. Don’t always go for the very cheapest option with out checking what’s covered, make sure that it’s got good medical coverage, trip cancellation and also lost items.

Massive Medical Bills

I was spending only a few dollars a day for my insurance, if I paid for all the treatment involved with my broken arm I would have been thousands of dollars in debt. Imagine if I’d have had a serious injury, the costs would have been life changing. It is almost selfish to think that if you have a major accident and you don’t have insurance your family will be called, what if your parents have to take out a huge loan or remortgage the house to save your life? It’s just not worth it guys. Again, make sure the insurance covers all your medical costs.

Losing Your Belongings

What are you reading this article on? Is it your iPad, iPhone or laptop? Well, all of those things cost a small fortune and can you afford to replace them? I’m sure you may have the money but you can’t really afford to spend it. If you lose anything when you travel you will be able to claim the money back on your insurance, the total cost of the insurance may cost a fraction of your phone so it’s much better to not take any chances. We often forget the total cost of all the valuables in our bags and it’s only when things go wrong that we truly appreciate the costs involved.

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