Which Are The Best French Presses For You

The French press is a wonderful piece of kit which will help you to make the very best coffee that you can inside the home. Unlike coffee machines and instant coffee, the coffee press gives off a rich and aromatic flavor which cannot be found elsewhere. Aside from the great taste which you will get when you make a coffee in this way, these presses also look great and turn making coffee into something more an event rather than a task. If you want to buy a French press for your home, here are some of the best that are on the market right now.

KONA French Press

Known for its sturdiness and its solid design, the KONA French press is a great product that has a unique design which will look good in any kitchen. Something we love about this French press is the protective guard which the glass jug sits in, making it very difficult to break. The only other materials sed with this press are stainless steel which is what the filter is made of and aside from that, this is a very basic piece of kit. Basic as it may be, the KONa does everything that it needs to, and looks great whilst doing so.

Bodum Chambered 8 Cup

Bodum is a name that is synonymous with great coffee and they are the chief engineers of French presses becoming so popular. It seems fitting then that the company continue to push the envelope with their products and this 8 cup offering is doing exactly that. The design of the press is very Bodum and features a stainless steel lid and protective casing. As if the sleek design wasn’t enough, this is a press that will make 8 cups of coffee, almost double the amount of the majority of products on the market. This product won several awards when it was released in 2004 and here we are 13 years later, still waking lyrical about this wonderful French press.

Freiling French Press

If you are looking to add a real touch of luxury and class to your coffee making, look no further than the Freiling press. This French press really stands out because of the design  of polished stainless steel which it uses. The construction of the canister, and the materials used, can keep your coffee hotter for up to 4 times linger than when you are using a glass canister. These presses come in 8oz, 16oz, and 23oz sizes and they really stand out thanks to their unique design.

Bodum Travel Press

Featuring in the list again is Bodum and their fantastic travel press, perfect for the coffee connoisseur on the go. The size is 15oz and on the face of it, the press appears like any other travel mug. This one however, comes with a plunger so that no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy a rich and tasty cup of coffee.

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