What tech you should travel with

As everyone who travels will know,space comes at an absolute premium when it comes to packing your bag. This has always caused me a problem in particular because I am a massive fan of taking tech on the road with me to document my travels and upload them to my blog, not to mention the pieces of kit which are absolutely essential to getting around when I go away.

Through the years I have learned to reduce my tech demands as I travel and so here are what I would consider to be the absolutely essential pieces of tech that you should travel with.


My smartphone of choice is an iPhone and the reason that I love to get a great phone to take with me when I travel in because you can use them for just about everything. Music player, no longer required, GPS device, no longer required, laptop, unless you are a writer or designer, no longer required. A smartphone takes the place of all of these pieces of tech so that you can have a small device which can do everything. Make sure that you pack your phone with the apps that you are going to need and most importantly, don’t forget your charger.


Even though my smartphone does have a pretty great camera, I much prefer to save space and improve the quality of my shots with a professional camera. My camera of choice is a GoPro because it is small enough to take with me and it really packs a punch in terms of its quality. I love that you can take the GoPro on any type of adventure an be safe in the knowledge that it won’t break or get damaged. These camera are highly durable and they can be carried around with ease.


I do require a laptop when I am on the road but I don’t like to fill up my case with it or carry something so valuable with me. In order to counertact this problem, I like to take a small notebook with me which I can use to do all of the computing work that I need, without the risks and problems attached to a laptop.

Mobile Wifi

My favorite gadget of choice is a mobile wifi device which uses cellphone data to connect to the internet. I can connect up to 4 devices to my mobile wifi and it is very light to travel with and has a battery which lasts a long time. There are always times when you go traveling that you need wifi when you don’t have it and for those times, there is the mobile wifi unit. They are quite an investment but I think that it is worth every single cent. Don’t be cut off again, get one of these portable and powerful devices in your bag.

What are your favorite pieces of tech to travel with? Let us know in the comments below.

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