What does it mean to be a millennial

What does it mean to be a millennial? A question which man millennia’s themselves have even found themselves asking. In basic terms, millennials are those who are living  in the current youth generation, those born in the mid to late 90s who have grown up in an entirely different world than those who cam from generation X or Y. Every generation has their rebellion and there technological advancements but the millennials, have had significantly less rebellions and significantly more technological advancements than most of their predecessors.

What Millennials Will Never Know

Millennials will never know the pain which comes with waiting for the long tone a dial-up internet connection, they will never know a world without Starbucks or social media. We could focus on these things that they will never know of course and go on forever, but this is no different to any other generational shift.

Prospect Changes

Many will say that millennials got a bum deal in terms of the economy, it is harder to buy a house, it is difficult to get a job and the weight of their education which cost so much money is tantamount to a paper plane made from their degree certificate. In truth however, things are far better than a millennial would have you believe. Do they get handouts from the government for housing like their grandparents? Are they even apprenticeships to learn a new skill? No. However, a millennial can avoid getting indebted up to the eyeballs thanks to mortgage restrictions after the housing bubble burst, millennial can go anywhere in the world and work and they can get there for low cost and millennials have the opportunity to sit in their dressing gown and make a grand before breakfast. It all comes down to perspective you see.


Millennials have been unfortunate in many respects, their grandparents worked their butts off to give their parents a better life, their parents went one step further and enjoyed low interest rates, cheap housing which rose quickly, endless credit and good times. These has meant that for most millennials, the choice was about walking into college before getting  job, a pretty cushy life in comparison to those who went before them. This is why this generation are walking around with their caramel lattes, talking on their iPhones to their friends and complaining that their degree in health and social care hasn’t quite landed them the million dollar CEO position which they had applied for.


Th truth is that millennials are smarter than the rest of us, they have a grasp on technology that we could only dream of and they do things in their sleep that would take most of us an age. The millennials, or at least most of them, don’t seem to understand what they have in their hands and they prefer to complain that things ain’t the same as they sed to be, rather than putting down their seaways and going out o realize their fill potential in a world of incredible fortune.

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