The best daypack when you travel

A challenge which I have found in recent years when it comes to my travels, is getting y daypack just right. A pondered for a very long time over the backpack which I would take with me when I hit the road and in all honesty I never thought  that a daypack would be an issue. However, after adding far more short term trips to my calendar in recent years, I have found the need for a daypack that really delivers and after much deliberation, I think that I have found the one for me.

If you are looking for a great day sack, here are the top contenders that I would be considering if I were you.

What to Look For

Before we get started with the packs, here are the area which you need to consider for your daypack.

– Size

– Comfort

– Material

– Pockets

– Frame

– Weight

– Attractiveness

Patagonia Toromiro

This attractive looking day pack is a great choice for anyone looking for durability and comfort. This bag comes with a padded lining pocket which is perfect for storing your laptop in, and the base of the pack is really tough so that if you have your delicate or expensive goods in there, throwing the pack down shouldn’t cause you a problem. There aren’t a whole host of pockets in this pack but you will find two on the outside and the bag is water resistant, perfect for rainy days.

North Face Borealis

This is really popular backpack and just looking at it, it is easy to see why it has become so popular amongst travelers. The bag is actually quite big but it is so light in weight that you really wouldn’t know it. the bag comes with a whole host of pockets and compartments where you can store things like your laptop and your travel essentials. The bag is made with fleece lining, mesh pockets, durable base and the bad offers great ventilation and outstanding comfort. The shoulder straps are adjustable and there is an addition, detachable waist-belt which you can use for heavier loads. This  is a great pack not only for the day, but you could also get away with using it for a weekend.

Berghaus Remote Rucksack

On a personal note, the thing that I look for most in a daypack is storage space and I love having little pockets where I can place my passport, money, gadgets, chargers and everything els that I carry with me on the go. This is why I decided upon the Berghaus Remote, a rucksack which does pockets like no other backpack on the market. It is not just on the inside that you will find a whole treasure trove f pockets and compartments, the outside is geared up to with space for ice picks, walking poles, water bottles and anything else which you feel like clipping on. The pack comes with a detachable hydration pack too, the perfect pack for hiking or heading out for the day!

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