The Best Bars in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a great deal of fun to live in and I would recommend that anyone who is looking to spend some time in Southeast Asia, put sin at least a month in the northern Thai city. One of the best things to do in Chiang Mai is party and you can guarantee to have one of the best nights out in the country if you choose to party in Chiang Mai.

Throughout my years I have seen quite a lot of time in the northern city and especially in its watering holes and I wanted to share with you my take on which are the best bars throughout Chiang Mai.

The Writers Club and Wine Bar

This has become the unofficial home of local writers and journalists and there is a very cool and trendy vibe in this laid back spot on Rachadamnoen Road. The food here is great and so too is the wide selection of wine on offer. If you are looking for something of a more classy affair, then this is the place to go, cool, trendy, relaxed and fun.

The UN Irish Pub

It is no surprise that there is a great Irish pub in Chiang Mai, given that there is one in pretty much every city on Earth and the UN is a bar which really does its name proud. Here you can catch sporting events and get involved in a pub quiz, down local and international beers and the atmosphere here is a real blend between local and international. The bar is a lot of fun and the atmosphere really represents that.

Roots Rock Reggae Bar

In the heart of the old city, the go-to place for a night out, you will find this super col rage bar which sort of does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a live music bar where you can find the very best rock, ska, punk and reggae being pumped out daily.On the menu you can find a wide selection of cocktails or  buckets of beer and the crowd is very divers indeed with a range of backpackers, scenesters, lifelong ragamuffins and hipsters.

John’s Place

This has the to be the best rooftop bar in the city and it is my favorite bar to start off a great night out. The best time to visit the bar is just as the sun is setting and the night is lifting off. The place is super chilled out, features a pool table, great bar and relaxed company. I quite like the fact that the music doesn’t overpower your conversation and just jingles away in the background as you grease the wheels with some light hearted chat and some refreshing beer. John’s place also serves food so if you are feeling peckish then you can load up here before you hit the town.

Have you been to Chiang Mai? What was your favorite bar?

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