How I budget for my travels

Travelling the world is something I love to do but that doesn’t mean I’m loaded, not by any means.The reason I am able to travel so much is because I know how to plan my budget and make sure I’m wise with my cash on the road.

When I first started travelling there were a few occasions when I had to make that dreaded call back to mum and dad asking to help me out because all the cash had gone. Thankfully they were able to dig me out of a few holes back then but no one wants to be relying on hand outs, that’s why I learnt to be smart with my cash and make sure it lasts. It’s so much better traveling when you’re independent and you enjoy it more because you’ve learnt it from your own hard work.

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So how do I go about budgeting for my travels these days? Well, it’s pretty simple if you know how and make sure you follow these rules.

Plan Properly

If money is no issue then it’s awesome to be able to travel at the drop of a hat – this isn’t the case for a lot of us who are on a budget. The first step of budgeting for any trip is to make a plan. This doesn’t mean you need to draw up a schedule, with ever hour accounted for, but you do need to know how long you’ll be staying in each location and the route you will take. Planning will avoid the likely hood of you having to book things such as flights and hotels at the last second when the prices will be inflated, it also means you have a realistic idea of how much money you will require for the adventure.

Choose The Right Season

If you want to keep your travel costs low then travelling during the peak season is going to be pretty tough because the prices are always higher. If you search for flights during school holidays you’ll notice that the airlines have made sure they’re taking advantage of the increased demand. So do your research to find our which seasons are considered ‘low season’ and plan your travel around that. It’s not only holidays back home that will increase prices but also the weather in your chosen destination, during the best weather is when places will have their peak season. For example, in Southeast Asia our summer is considered low season because it is the rainy season, the high season runs from November to February because that’s when the climate is best.

Make Money On The Road

If you can earn money while you travel then it will increase the length you can stay away and also mean you don’t need all the required money before you leave. So what are some ideas for earning money on the road? Working online is of course the most attractive, so look out for copywriting jobs which involves writing articles for blogs – you won’t become rich but the cash will add up. There are also plenty of opportunities to teach English in place like Thailand and if you can ski why not trying your hand at seasonal work in Ski resorts? There are options out there, you just need to take your time finding them.

What are your budget tips and tricks? I would also like to hear about any situations you found yourself in that taught you to be more careful with your money. Just pop your experiences and tips in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys!

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