Gear I Can’t Travel Without

When we leave home and hit the road travelling it’s important to make sure we have all the essentials we need. It’s not like when I’m traveling around west Africa that I can pop back home to pick up something that I’ve forgotten or that essential piece of gear that I won’t be able to find easily.

I have forgotten the amount of times I’ve reached the hotel in another country, unpacked my bag and my heart has slowly started to sink because I realise my laptop charger or hard drive is sitting alone on my desk back home. So the lesson to learn is make a list before you travel, then check it and double check it again before you head off to the airport.

I have got a lot better these days making sure I remember all my essential gear because without some of it I’d have real problems and it also wouldn’t allow me to make money on the road. Here’s a list of the gear I can’t travel without.

My Tech

I do understand that we should be trying to disconnect when we travel but there’s a lot that technology can help us with on the road. Google maps is an absolute must have, it’s saved me so many times, so having my iPhone to hand is always useful. Then of course I need my laptop so I can keep my blog up to date, answer work emails and keep the dollars coming in which pays for the travel. An absolute must is a multi plug extension lead, this means you can charge lots of devices at the same time and also avoid the pain that is caused when sockets are miles away from the desk.

My Samsonite Case

When I first bought my case I couldn’t believe I was spending 350 quid on a suitcase, it turns out it was probably one of my wisest investments of travel gear. This is one piece of kit that you shouldn’t try to cut corners on because a good bag will last you for years, a cheap one will fall apart in no time at all. A good case also keeps all your belongings safe and they won’t get banged around when they’re in the cargo hold of a plane or train. I’d choose Samsonite every time, not the cheapest but one of the best for sure.

My Glasses

If you need prescription glasses then you’re well aware of how important they are, you don’t want to be walking around a bus station trying to read the timetable or locating your gate when everything is a blur. It’s also very nice to be able to watch a movie at night in your room when you’re relaxing. So, if I forget my glasses it is a real problem, especially if I have no time to get a new pair. You can’t always rely that the new pair you get will be what you’re looking for, so don’t take any chances and double check for your specs when you travel.

What is the travel you gear you can’t leave home without? Please share will all of us what your essentials are, just pop your list in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing guys.

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