Cambodia Keeps Me Coming Back

I have spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia and the majority of that has been in Cambodia, a magical country which I hope you all have the opportunity to visit one day. It is amazing to think that under 50 years ago it went through a tragic period when a dictator held the country in an iron grip, to now become one of the best destinations in all of the world. The way in which the country and its people have picked themselves up and moved forward is quite amazing, but I am so happy they have achieved it.

Each and overtime I go back I find that it has become even better than before. Even though in the peak season it can be very overcrowded, especially in Siem Reap, during the rest of the year it is extremely relaxing. The peak season runs from November through to February, so if you can choose other months to visit then that’s what I would advise so you have more space and it’s less packed.

So what are the things about this awesome country that keep me returning time and time again? Well the list is endless and I’m sure if you’ve been there you know that for yourself. Here are 3 reasons why the country keeps me coming back and why I think you should visit at least once on your travels.

The People

Having been through such a torrid history you’d forgive the people here for being a bit stand offish and wary of foreigners, but the opposite is the case. I have found Cambodian people to be some of the most welcoming and friendly people I’ve ever met. If ever I’ve had a problem or been lost there’s always been someone on hand to point me in the wrong direction, that’s been the case even when we could communicate because of the language barrier. People can make or break a travel experience and in Cambodia they more than make it.

The Cost

Compared to Thailand, Cambodia offers much better value for money. Accommodation is unbelievably cheap and you can find a place with air con, private bathroom, wifi, breakfast and comfy bed for as little as $15 – you don’t have to search too hard because there’s an abundance of cheap options. Then there’s the food which is really tasty, you can have a good meal for less than $5 and a beer will cost you 50 cents. Travelling from A to B is also really cheap and you can get on night buses for around $12. It’s the place to go if you’re on a budget.

The Sights

There are plenty of sights for you to see in Cambodia. Phnom Penh has plenty of things for you to see which will help you learn about the recent history. Check out S21 prison and the killing fields so that you get a real understanding of what happened here. The biggest draw can be found in Siem Reap, the world famous Angkor Wat is what brings millions of people to visit each year. This huge collection of temples is a special place and not to be missed on your visit.

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