About me

That Millennial Lifestyle. Born 1989, I knew life could be more. I know, I know our generation wants it all, and what’s more, we want it now. So the world tells us we can’t have it. We have to pay our dues. Suck it up. Join the race. But not me.

So I had enough of it. The corporate ladder. The middle management. The pension funds and the mortgage brokers. Life’s too short. So I created 89list.com, with my motives being to both inspire myself and others.

I come from a mathematical background, I’m a logical guy. I like to create lists and knock that stuff off. That’s progress, it’s quantifiable, it’s tangible. So now my life is one surrounded by lists. But amazing lists. Countries, bucket list activities, money made, UNESCO world heritage sites. Join me for the ride.

So from me, Zack, to you, my readers. Thank you and see you around.



EMAIL: zack@89list.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/89list-207199366483866/