A weekend in Bangkok – what to see and do

I am going to kick this post off by mentioning the fact that  only spending a weekend in the amazing city of Bangkok is almost criminal and there is so much to explore and enjoy here, that I would recommend to anyone that you plan much more time in your itinerary than just a  couple of days. With this being said, I understand that people ahem other commitments and want to enjoy the rest of Thailand and Southeast Asia on their travels. And so, if you are staring down the barrel of just a weekend in Bangkok, here is what you should be looking at including into your whistle stop visit of this amazing city.

Siam Niramit

I absolutely love this show of Thai culture, mythology and folklore and it is the best way to really get a feel for the city. You can hit this on Friday night if you get your tickets in advance, the show commences at 8pm and given that you will need at least 3 hours from airport to hotel, shower and change and get out, you should just make it in time.

Rooftop Bars

After the show, why not head to the Sukhumvit area where you will find some incredible rooftop bars where you can relax and pass the rest of your evening, don’t drink too much though as you have a busy weekend ahead.

Street Food

For breakfast on Saturday morning, hit the bustling street and pick up some finely cooked local food. Why not try some sticky rice and pork skewers to really get you fueled up for the day ! There are plenty of fine restaurants and international cuisine but the street food here is expectational and well worth a try.

Temple Tour 

You can’t go to Bangkok without talking at least one of the tours through the fascinating temples here. You can ind some amazing temples near Chinatown and if you head down there, you can also get the chance to explore a new part of the city. Hail a tuk-tuk to take you there for an additional bit of local culture.

Saturday Night on the River 

The perfect place to spend your Saturday evening is on a dinner cruise dow the river and you can enjoy sunset with some local cuisine as you float along in tranquility amongst the madness. This is the perfect start to your Saturday night and once you are finished, head to the Grand Palace and the Temple of Dawn to ensure that Saturday night hoes off with a bang.

Lazy Sunday 

Sunday will be tight time wise so keep it light and keep it relaxed with a trip don to Benjasiri Park. Despite being in the middle of a hectic city, these parks offer a refreshing break from the noise an you can sit and people watch the morning away before heading back to the hotel to gather you stuff and check out.

A weekend isn’t even close to be enough time to spend in the Thai capital, but it is better than nothing.

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