7 things to see in thailand

Thailand is a country which I have loved to explore ever since I first set foot there and even after many years of visiting the country on numerous occasions, there is still always something just waiting to be explored and discovered.

I am of course, not the only one to love Thailand and this is a well trodden path for many backpackers and tourist from around the globe. If you have a trip to Thailand coming up, I wanted to tell you about 7 things which I really think that you should have on your list, to see in this fascinating country.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Just an hours drive from Bangkok this fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site is absolutely worth a visit during your time in Thailand. Here you will find an old city which features temples and religious relics, some of which have been carved into trees.

Grand Palace 

A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without seeing the incredible Grand Palace, a huge complex of temples, religious artifacts and stunning pieces of art.

Elephant Nature Park 

Up in the north of the country in Chiang Mai, you will find this brilliant nature park which has been set up to counteract with the terrible displays of elephant cruelty which you can find throughout Thailand. The nature park rescues elephants ad gives them a new lease of life and you can go and see them up close and personal in a safe environment.

Umbrella Village 

It is likely that when you have seen promotional photos and videos of Thailand that you will have seen the cute and quirky Umbrella Village in Bo Sang. This village is around 30 minutes drive from Ciang Maiandit specializes in the bamboo-made umbrellas and parasols that many locals use throughout the country. A visit here not only means you can buy one of the prized umbrellas, but also see how they are made.

White Temple

The White Temple is Chiang Rai is a must visit, a fascinating and ornate Buddhist temple, borne from the mind of Thai artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat. This is not a traditional temple by any stretch of the imagination but that shouldn’t take anything away from how amazing a sight it is.

Long Neck Tribes

Visiting any of the hill tribes in Thailand is an adventure, one which you should approach with respect. The Karen long neck people are by far and away the most interesting as they use golden rings to stretch their necks. This is a strange but certainly unique experience.

Monkey Temples 

In Lopburi, around 120 miles north of Bangkok, you ill find a huge variety of temples which have been inhabited with macaque monkeys. This fascinating experience is crazy and fun and scary all at once an you must see it. Make sure that you keep an eye on your belongings at all times as these monkeys are known to have light fingers!!

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