5 Countries I want to Visit this year

I have so far managed to marvel to 45 countries since hitting the road and I am determined to make it 50 in the coming year. With this landmark in mind, I have been giving a great amount of thought as to which will be those next 5 countries and it has been a pretty difficult choice given that I want to go everywhere!

I have however, managed to narrow it down to the 5 that I really want to see and I thought I’d share them with you, and my reasons why.


I have had a burning desire to go to Cuba ever since my community phase that I went through in my teens. As luck would go, I have actually twice bought ticket stop Cuba and not been able to go, the first time because of hurricane and the second through a family crisis. I am quite keen on getting to the island before the laws are relaxed on American businesses, I still want to see Cuba in its communist form before there is a Starbucks on every corner!


The reason for never going to Australia before now was that it just isn’t really close to anything and the costs implicated with a trip here are incredibly high, both to get there, and staying there. With this being said, I am in a much better financial position than I was in the past and so I have decided that the coming year will be when I visit Oz. I can’t wait to see the Barrier Reef, Uluru and Sydney Harbor Bridge and I’m planning to spend about a month down under.


Every time I see an image of Dubrovnik, I question myself as to why I have never been to the amazing country of Croatia. From skiing to beaches, gothic old towns to trendy cities, I cannot wait to go to the European nation and I plan to make sure that I get at least 10 days there, and visit the Game of Thrones set!


Part of my reasoning for never really visiting Portugal in the past was that I thought that it would all be super tourist and full of Europeans looking to play golf and speak English. I have since learned that this mainly exists in the south of the country in the Algarve region and Lisbon is the place that I have in my sights for the coming year.


Honduras has a terrible reputation for violence but I want to look past this and visit its absolutely amazing jungle region which exists in the north of the country. Everyone that I speak to waxes lyrical about this place and this is going to be my country number 50! Not a bad way to bring up the bug 5-0. I will take precautions of course but I hear that in general, the country is pretty safe for travelers.

Which countries are on your list to visit next?

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