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Natural Remedies for Cancer

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Many nations have spent billions of dollars looking for the cure of this deadly diseases, but their efforts have not been fruitful up to date. They are working day and night to develop an effective and a safe drug for cancer. Learning the different ways of eradicating this disease without harming your body is a great idea. Preventing it is easier than reversing it. Some holistic therapies have been proven to be effective in addressing the imbalances of your spirit, mind, and body. The following are the proven remedies for controlling and preventing cancer.

Proper nutrition

Pure filtered water and proper nutrition are one of the effective and successful anti-cancer strategies. This involves knowing and identifying the foods that interfere with treatment and those that feed the cancer cells. For instance, refined sugars should be delimited because they are known for strengthening the cancer cells. Refined flour, trans fatty acids, and sugar substitutes can damage your body. Numerous studies have linked these foods to cancer.

Other foods that need to be avoided include mucus-forming and dairy foods. Other foods and substances that fuel the growth of cancer and interfering with the healing process include coffee, fluoride, chlorine, alcohol, and carbonated beverages. On the other hand, the healing process is enhanced by the nutrient-rich foods. Foods that have anti-cancer properties include cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits, turmeric, garlic, green tea, ginger, and sea vegetables.raw garlic


This is the process of removing metabolic wastes and accumulated toxins from the body. Environmental toxins and processed foods are known for inhibiting the cancer healing process. Cleansing of the major organs such as the liver, colon, and kidney can also help in removing the stored toxins. The cleansing procedures and formulas can be obtained from the internet or at the local health food stores. Fasting is another way method or preventing the build-up of toxins.

Spiritual cleansing

This is done by settling unresolved conflicts, asking forgiveness, and liberating the toxic emotions like bitterness, fear, regret, and hatred. You should embrace the capacity for compassion, love, and joy. Some of the effective methods that can help you in achieving spiritual cleansing include affirmations, visualization, and mediation.joyful lady

Natural chemotherapies

This involves using the non-toxic, natural therapies that are helpful in killing malignancies. Vitamin B17 or amygdaline is one of the useful substances that destroy and targets the cancerous cells without harming the healthy cells. This substance is found in plant foods such as apple seeds, apricot pits, and bitter almonds. It can also be administered intravenously or through oral supplements.